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Conversation with the Author

Breaking the Cycles of Abandonment (I AM NOT MY FATHER) Conversation


Frat Dads Founder and author of the book will provide a 90 minute conversation about his journey into fatherhood. He will be discussing topics such as:

• Dealing with being in a fatherless home and the men that never bothered to fill the role.

• Having to understand how to quinch the thirst for his father.

• The Impact of his mother’s drug addiction.

• Being his brother’s keeper even if it meant being shot twice!

• Navigating being a stepfather to three kids before the age of 22 and not having any kids of his own.

• Finding his girlfriend smoking a crackpipe while being six months pregnant with his first child and why he still married her.

• Being a single dad to a two year old daughter while mom is doing 4-15 years in prison.

• Giving up a relationship that didn’t fit the needs of his child.

• Remarrying and learning to trust the process of what a healthy relationship should look like.

• The importance of healing and forgiveness

Father & Son Conversation
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