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Young Men's Mentoring

Young Men of Valor Mentoring 5th-12th Grade


Frat Dads will provide an innovative five-week cycle curriculum-based program for young men with limited or no male role models. Each class is a 60 minute course.

Our Mission: Is to reach these young men with a message of hope as they struggle to deal with life’s daily challenges. We will provide a safe zone that will allow them to speak freely and to share experiences without judgement.

Frat Dads Mentor play four basic roles and each role requires a slightly different set of skills.

  • Engaging – creating a welcoming and safe environment that draws participants in and encourages them to stay. 

  • Informing –providing knowledge and information that is meaningful and useful to participants through a variety of approaches that engage and involve participants in the sharing of knowledge.

  • Involving – ensuring all group members are able to participate and benefit from the group activities and discussion.

  • Applying – allowing time for reflection about key take away messages and encouraging the use of new awareness, knowledge, and skills to build stronger relationships and outcomes these young men.

Goals of the Club:

  • To help these young men find and understand their purpose

  • To provide resources that support their current issues

  • To build leadership qualities

  • To help them navigate life

  • Helping them to understand how to deal with conflict in a positive manner

“Ignore those who tell you which way to go without first understanding where you are.” —James Pierce

Mentoring Young Ladies
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