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Father/Son Relationship

Breaking the Cycles of Fathers & Sons Negative Relationship

The father/male role models and son conversation is a 90 minute interactive conversation that focuses on fathers and teenage sons. 

The conversation will be guided by experienced facilitators who will encourage constructive dialogue and provide a safe space for participants to share their thoughts and feelings.


  1. To provide a platform for fathers and sons to share their experiences and perspectives on their relationship.

  2. To explore common challenges and conflicts that arise in father/son relationships and identify strategies to overcome them.

  3. To discuss the impact of societal expectations and cultural norms on father-son relationships and ways to navigate them.

  4. To provide a space for fathers and sons to engage in meaningful dialogue and activities that can enhance their relationship.

We know that every boy wants to be a good man. They just need men to show them the way. We know that it takes a community of positive and consistent men to change a boy’s life.

Our fathers and male role models can help to break the cycles of how society sees fathers. We have an opportunity to build a movement and continued conversations on the importance of fathers and male role models. We have the opportunity to provide cover for our young men as they journey into manhood.

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