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Dad's Selfcare

Dad's Selfcare "Filling your Cup while Building your Legacy"

Dad's Selfcare is a 60 minute interactive conversation for fathers to understand what selfcare is and isn't.

When we become fathers, we have to be in charge of caring for our families. We must step up and provide for them, protect them, and lead them. Fatherhood is an opportunity to become our best selves.

A lot of us have such a variety of obligations in life that we neglect to look after ourselves. Individuals who disregard their own particular needs and neglect to prioritize themselves are at threat of more levels of stress, low self-esteem, and feelings of sadness. Kerr, M. L., Fanning, K. A., Engbretson, A. M., Buttitta, K. V., Borelli, J. L., Smiley, P. A., & Rasmussen, H. F. (2022).

Frat Dads will cover these topics with fathers to support their selfcare needs:

  • The definition of self-care

  • Three areas of self-care

  • Tips for dad’s self-care

  • Reasons dads avoid self-care include: stigma, avoidance, and barriers

  • Benefits of self-care

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